About the author

Hello, I’m Maria Bucci and welcome to my website. Ever since I can remember, I have loved children’s picture books. So after studying various picture book courses, I finally wrote my own.  Hoping to educate and entertain, as well as involve the young reader, my debut also includes a bit of history. When I’m not writing, I enjoy taking the real Buddy hound on long walks and spending time with my family. I also love to bake, sing and paint but sadly, I have not mastered doing all three at the same time!

Wonderful Woburn Abbey

Wonderful Woburn Abbey!

Home of the Afternoon Tea

Here is a picture of Buddy, my real Hound on a Scrounge.  The mansion you can see behind him is called  Woburn Abbey.  It’s full of amazing history, but did you know that this is where the British tradition of Afternoon Tea began?  The Afternoon Tea, which has reached worldwide and stood the test of time, would not have been if it wasn’t for Duchess Anna Maria Russell.  This is where she lived and held her elegant tea parties.